Brain Freeze (2009)


Materials: acrylic gel medium with graphic transfers off small, medium and the two larges of 7-11 Slurpee cups | Dimensions: 30′ X 8′

Process: The dot graphics off 7-11 Slurpee cups were painted over and connected with transparent acrylic gel medium. The dried gel medium was then peeled off each cup – it transferred the cup’s graphics onto it.  The peeled sections of gel medium were then all connected together into large molecule-like forms and adhered to the gallery wall.


Brain Freeze, install view (left), Jennifer Stillwell

Install view of Brain Freeze (left) – included in a 2008/09 solo survey exhibition at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg). Winnipeg has been considered the ‘Slurpee Capital of the World’ for over 20 years.

Brain Freeze, Jennifer Stillwell
Brain Freeze (detail), Jennifer Stillwell
Brain Freeze (detail), Jennifer Stillwell
studio process of Brain Freeze

documentation of studio process – applying gel medium to different sizes of Slurpee cups